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ROV Inspection Repair Maintenance

The depth of our expertise and the range of solutions that can be offered is effectively extended into many specialist areas through alliances with leading industry companies or through established relationships and experience of working with specialised companies that provide complementary services.

Acoustic Pipeline Inspection

Fugro's acoustic pipeline survey activities are a natural extension to the group's global geophysical survey capability taking full advantage of Fugro's proprietary acquisition are processing software and the skills and assets that are available locally in every offshore hydrocarbon province.

Fugro offers the full range of offshore and inshore survey techniques such as sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and multi-beam echosounder.

Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle (ROTV) is a highly stable platform for acoustic imaging systems such as ultra-high resolution sonar. An ROTV enables sensor position to be accurately maintained relative to the pipeline over a wide range of conditions, optimising acoustic image quality. ROTV's have proved to be a highly efficient means of monitoring pipelines liable to exposure, free spans, scouring and detecting potential pipeline damage by fishing or anchoring activities.

ROV Pipeline Inspection

Fugro-TSM's ROV pipeline inspection capability complements the company's extensive ROV pipeline construction survey support activities. The group caters for a wide variety of client needs and regional standards ranging from simple video inspection by an Observation Class ROV undertaken from a vessel of opportunity through to sophisticated spreads on Fugro-TSM's class leading DP2 vessels.

Fugro-TSM is quick to adopt the latest technology that leads to improvements in quality, acquisition speed or processing efficiency and dedicated spreads are permanently equipped with powerful deep water Work Class ROV systems and the very best sensors and positioning systems such as electronic scanning profilers, the latest pipetracking systems, and DVL / INS systems.

ROV Platform and Subsea Structure Inspection

Using standard ROV-based platform inspection techniques such as GVI, CP, MGM, UT and cleaning tasks and specialist in-house resources, we can also offer a range of NDT techniques such as GFMD, Eddy Current, ACFM, etc. Fugro-TSM makes use of a range of video recording and data acquisition systems and is experienced in the use of client-supplied or client-specified asset integrity management software packages.

Platform inspection may be conducted using ROV systems that are designed to be deployed from the platform itself or from a suitable vessel, often with multiple ROV's operating simultaneously.

Fugro-TSM's platform-based inspection ROV system features:

  • Zone 2 certified systems suitable for platforms in production;
  • TMS gives safe access to work sites, minimising drag and risk of entanglement;
  • Compact Workclass ROVs suitable for platform deployment that are suitable of all types of inspection and cleaning operations and capable of supporting bulky NDT systems and handling data transmission via multiplexed fibro optics;
  • Platform and Pipeline Inspection;
  • Flooded Member Detection Survey;
  • FPSO Hull and Turret Inspection;
  • Anchor Chain Inspection and Measurement;
  • Midwater Arch Inspection and FMD;
  • Leak Investigation and Remediation;
  • Bespoke Repair Tooling Design, Build and Operation;
  • Pipeline stabilisation and report;
  • Anode clamp design and retrofit;
  • Subsea hardware component change outs;
  • Structure repair clamp installation.

Cost Reduction Initiatives

Fugro-TSM offers its clients a flexible, optimised and managed solution. Working in partnership with you and your stakeholders, Fugro-TSM uses advanced planning and scheduling systems to meet critical deadlines. This enables us to offer:

  • Single or multi-client pipeline inspection cruises;
  • Pipeline inspection programmes integrated within larger offshore & campaigns.
  • Integrated survey services that offer a single contract access to Fugro's multi-disciplinary capabilities

Our full suite of offshore processing and reporting software packages, supported by skilled and experienced personnel, result in pipeline inspection deliverables that are tailored to meet individual client requirements. This adaptable approach includes:

  • Flexible chart orientation formats;
  • Pipeline database input and functionality;
  • Full oil and gas field database management and GIS functionality utilising Fugro or client specified application packages;
  • Incident listing, classifications and year-on-year comparisons;
  • Trend analysis on burial/exposure and/or position conditions;
  • Future risk based inspection schedules.


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